World Wisdom: Andorra, Angola and Antigua & Barbuda

Principality of Andorra

Wisdom goes not always by years.

Source: https://proverbicals.com/andorran-proverbs

Republic of Angola

Ilongo ikukuata; kaiole.  Maka akukute: kaol.

Literal Translation: Problems dry not rot. (Unresolved issues remain)

Meaning: We should not run away from problems or delay its resolution while today has the best solution.

Source: http://angolarising.blogspot.com/2010/01/

Antigua and Barbuda

Pickney who na hear wa dem mooma say, drink pepper water, lime an’ sal’

Translation: Listening to and following wise advice is a good way of avoiding unpleasant consequences.

Source: https://cpoise.gov.ag/tag/antigua-and-barbudan-sayings/

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