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Everytime I open up someone’s CliftonStrengths Assessment, I feel like it is Christmas! (Is that my Individualisation strength talking?!)  I get excited to see what are their top 5 talents that we can turn into mighty strengths!  CliftonStrengths, previously known as StrengthsFinder, is an assessment tool developed by the Gallup Organization that helps you identify your natural talents and strengths. The assessment identifies 34 unique themes or strengths that people possess to varying degrees. In this blog post, we will explore each of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes in detail.  As we go through them, you might recognise some of the strengths in yourself, a colleague, a loved one, or friend.

ACHIEVER – People with Achiever strength have a strong work ethic and are driven to accomplish their goals. They often have a competitive spirit and enjoy working hard to achieve success.

ACTIVATOR – People with Activator strength are skilled at getting things started and motivating others to take action. They are often impulsive and enjoy taking risks.

ADAPTABILITY – People with Adaptability strength are flexible and can easily adjust to changing circumstances. They are often able to go with the flow and adapt to new situations with ease.

ANALYTICAL – People with Analytical strength are skilled at analysing data and drawing meaningful insights from it. They enjoy dissecting complex problems and finding solutions.

ARRANGER – People with Arranger strength are skilled at organizing people and resources to achieve their goals. They enjoy creating order out of chaos and thrive in dynamic environments.

BELIEF – People with Belief strength have strong values and beliefs that guide their behaviour. They are often deeply committed to a cause or ideology.

COMMAND – People with Command strength are natural leaders who are confident and assertive. They enjoy taking charge and making decisions.

COMMUNICATION – People with Communication strength are skilled at expressing their ideas clearly and effectively. They enjoy communicating with others and are often gifted public speakers.

COMPETITION – People with Competition strength enjoy competing with others and strive to be the best. They are often driven to achieve success and enjoy the thrill of competition.

CONNECTEDNESS – People with Connectedness strength believe that everything is interconnected and that we are all part of a larger whole. They often have a strong spiritual or philosophical outlook on life.

CONSISTENCY – People with Consistency strength value fairness and justice. They believe that everyone should be treated equally and strive to create a sense of order and stability in their environment.

CONTEXT – People with Context strength have a deep appreciation for history and tradition. They enjoy studying the past and using that knowledge to inform their decisions in the present.

DELIBERATIVE – People with Deliberative strength are cautious and thoughtful in their decision-making. They take their time and carefully consider all the options before making a choice.

DEVELOPER – People with Developer strength are skilled at helping others grow and develop their potential. They enjoy mentoring and coaching others to achieve their goals.

DISCIPLINE – People with Discipline strength are self-disciplined and have a strong sense of order and routine. They enjoy creating structure in their environment and sticking to a schedule.

EMPATHY – People with Empathy strength are skilled at sensing the feelings of others and responding appropriately. They are often compassionate and caring individuals.

FOCUS – People with Focus strength are able to concentrate on a task for an extended period of time without becoming distracted. They enjoy setting goals and working towards them with single-minded focus.

FUTURISTIC – People with Futuristic strength have a vision for the future and are able to see the big picture. They enjoy imagining what could be and are often innovative and creative.

HARMONY– People with Harmony strength value peace and harmony. They enjoy resolving conflicts and creating a sense of unity and cooperation among others.

IDEATION – People with Ideation strength are skilled at generating creative and original ideas. They enjoy brainstorming and exploring new possibilities.

INCLUDER – People with Includer strength value diversity and believe that everyone should be included and valued. They enjoy creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

INDIVIDUALISATION – People with Individualization strength have a talent for understanding and appreciating the unique qualities of individuals. They enjoy tailoring their interactions to the specific needs and preferences of others.

INPUT – People with Input strength are curious and love to collect information. They enjoy learning new things and often have a wide range of interests.

INTELLECTION – People with Intellection strength enjoy deep thinking and introspection. They often have a rich inner world and enjoy exploring complex ideas and concepts.

LEARNER – People with Learner strength have a passion for learning and enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills. They often enjoy the process of learning as much as the end result.

MAXIMISER – People with Maximiser strength are focused on excellence and strive to make the best even better. They enjoy optimizing and refining their own performance as well as that of others.

POSITIVITY – People with Positivity strength have an infectious optimism and positive outlook on life. They enjoy spreading positivity and lifting the spirits of those around them.

RELATOR – People with Relator strength enjoy deep, meaningful relationships with others. They are often loyal and committed friends and enjoy connecting with others on a personal level.

RESPONSIBILITY – People with Responsibility strength have a strong sense of obligation and follow through on their commitments. They take ownership of their actions and are often dependable and trustworthy.

RESTORATIVE – People with Restorative strength have a talent for solving problems and fixing things that are broken. They enjoy restoring things to their original state and finding solutions to complex issues.

SELF-ASSURANCE – People with Self-Assurance strength are self-confident and have a strong sense of self-belief. They are often independent and trust their own instincts and abilities.

SIGNIFICANCE – People with Significance strength want to make a significant impact on the world and be recognized for their accomplishments. They often strive for success and recognition.

STRATEGIC – People with Strategic strength are skilled at seeing the big picture and creating a plan to achieve their goals. They enjoy thinking strategically and exploring all the options before making a decision.

WOO – People with Woo strength have a talent for connecting with others and making new friends. They enjoy meeting new people and often have a wide network of contacts.

Understanding your CliftonStrengths themes can help you identify opportunities for growth and development, as well as build more effective relationships with others.  I’d love to start you on your journey to living from your strengths, or if you’ve already started, to help take you further than you could have imagined!

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