The Shoes of a Champion

This is the story of one of my favourite young women.  Joy is her name.  Joy by name, Joy by nature.  She is my niece, we are all better for having her in our family.  

Joy is strong, and she does everything with joyous abandon.  She recently started Olympic weightlifting again after a few years of focusing on her studies (if you’re looking for an exceptional Physiotherapist in the next few years, Joy’s your point woman!)  She is good at lifting, a potential Pacific champion.  She is coachable, puts into practice what she learns, she has the ability to persevere and the rare capacity to “shake it off” and keep going.  And all along the way she showers joy on and cares for everyone around her. 

The shoes picture are Joy’s shoes.  Joyous shoes.  Champion shoes, some would say.  “Look at the brand”.  “Look at their fine looks”.  (They are snazzy 😎).  “They’re custom designed for weightlifting”.  These are all true.  The shoes are designed specifically for Olympic weightlifting (you can check that out here if you’re into lifting).  They have a most critical feature, an elevated heel which increases the ankle range of motion, allowing a deeper and more upright squat position.  The sole is thin, and hard to direct every amount of power into moving the bar.  In essence, enhancing the Joy’s natural strengths.


I’d challenge you today to look at all the things (tangible and intangible) in your life that command your attention and time.  Are you trying to fit your strengths into things that do not enhance them?   Are the people around you enriching your strengths and encouraging you to achieve your vision?  Are the things you listen to, read, watch, buy, and participate in getting you towards your champion state?  Do you struggle to detach from those things that don’t serve you?  Can I help with that?  Let’s have a chat.

And in the meantime keep an eye out for Joy.  Her time is coming.  

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