200 times!  200 x 20 minutes = nearly 67 hours.  This is the amount of time that Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor practiced her TED Talk, My Stroke of Insight, where she tells the story of her experience with having a stroke.  I recommend it, Dr Jill is compelling.  Was she a natural speaker?  I have spent […]

What do race, gender, and nationality indicate about your strengths?

NOT MUCH AS IT TURNS OUT. The characteristics of a your demographic group do not determine your potential strengths. You have as much chance of possessing any of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes as anyone else. The primary disparity between demographic groups is based on gender, specifically in regards to only two of the strengths: Analytical […]

My Heroes 1: My Mum

Sunday is Mother’s Day and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather start My Heroes blog posts off with than my Mum and everything I love best about her (that makes her a formidable Mentor).  I thought it might be fun to guess some of her top CliftonStrengths from 50+ years of observing her natural […]