There’s something about babies.
Look into their eyes and you see eternity, all who went before, all who will come after.
Look into their eyes and into their souls.  Experience wonderment, at their glory, at the possibility of all that could be, at the gifts inside them that await unveiling.

Look in the mirror. Look deeply into your eyes. (Uncomfortable? I was.) See eternity. See all who went before you and all who will come after.
Look into your eyes and experience wonderment, at your glory, at the possibility of what can be. At the gifts inside you, some revealed, some still lying dormant waiting for you to discover them.

What have you yet to explore? What treasures are you yet to discover? Have you lost your way? Have you forgotten what a glorious creature you truly are?

Take courage.  Explore all that you can. You are free to choose how you want to do this.  But bring your discoveries into the light, you are meant to share those things with the world.

Remember, babies need us to show them how to do this.

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