Out on the edge

Sometimes circumstances have pushed us there.  Sometimes our yearning for something greater, a grand passion we’ve yet to pursue, has us standing on the edge of the precipice.

You walk to the edge, and you peer over.  A shiver runs through your body.  It’s an awfully long way down.

You come back from the edge and sit down.  You think about all the things that have brought you to this point, and whether you might be ok living with those things, they’re not so bad.   You think of all the people who are important to you and what they might think of you jumping.  You think of the impact that you might make on those who rely upon you.   If you’re like me, you do every calculation known to humanity to manage the risk of jumping.  You start to consider whether you have what you need for whatever happens on the other side of the jump.  What if you actually make the terrifying jump but fail on the other side?  You start to lose your nerve.  You wonder if there is any way to jump but still be safe (and sometimes there is) and guarantee your ultimate success, but on this occasion, it’s the BIG ONE. 

You know, the only way is to take the risk and JUMP.  You know it’s time.




No matter what is on the other side, you will handle it….after all, YOU JUMPED, and YOU LIVED.

I promise you.  Every time I’ve jumped, I have never regretted it, no matter how it turned out because I moved forward into my own adventure.

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