In the past few weeks, I have met a lady who unashamedly walks to the beat of her bright, loud, vivacious drum.  I was immediately drawn to her.  She is authentic.  I felt she would be as honest with me as she is about herself.  I sensed she would accompany me on a deeper dive into Jacqui and challenge me to bring out more of what is there.  I suspect we all admire such a person.  At the core of each of us is a uniqueness we are meant to express.  And sometimes, some of us need help calling it from the depths into what we express in the world.  Someone to call us down off the fence of being “all things to all men”.


Dissonance involves a state of conflict, inconsistency, or disharmony that can occur within you.  It signifies a lack of agreement or harmony between different elements, leading to a sense of tension or unease.

I know what this feels like, and I’ll bet you do too.  There are so many parts to us.  I recently wrote about a crisis point in my life.  Much of it had to do with the question of “Who Am I, and where is my worth?”  A large part of the answer required me to look inwards and upwards.  *Scary*  It was hard.  I didn’t really have someone to navigate with me along that journey.  I wished I had.  Thank God, there were people who were my cheer squad and believed in me the entire time, but it would have been so nice to have someone like my new acquaintance along for that leg of my voyage.

When was the last time you had a look into your inner depths?

I believe humans are created in such a deep and intricate fashion that it is a lifelong quest for harmony between all of our parts.  The more harmonious you become, the more you will know yourself and what you are passionate about and begin to pursue those things.  This kind of passion is polarising.  Passionate people can put us on edge because there is a dissonance between how freely they’re living and how we are living.  They lose their fear whilst we still battle ours.

But don’t feel alone, it is a voyage, and while you’re still here, it continues.  Take another look, don’t cover your eyes, but get down off that fence.  You and I are not finished learning to be ourselves.  And if you need a little help finding more of you, I would love to be your navigator.

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