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Oh how I wish I had an Activator in my team!  They’re pretty cool people.  I love their energy. They take action and make things happen. People with the Activator theme are always ready to jump into action and get things started, often with a sense of urgency. They help overcome the inertia people like me who lead with Strategic Thinking themes struggle to get past.

I have a friend who has Activator in his top 5 strengths.  He’s not content to wait around for things to happen on their own. He’s eager to get the ball rolling and make things happen. He inspires me (and gives me a swift kick in the starter motor) to take action and make changes, and he has created an ecosystem for himself where he is a catalyst for progress.

People with the Activator strength often have a high tolerance for risk and uncertainty. They are comfortable with taking chances and are not afraid to fail. They are resilient and persistent, able to bounce back from setbacks and keep pushing forward towards their goals.  Many of the world’s serial entrepreneurs show attitudes and behaviours associated with the Activator strength.

Take Rod Drury, for example, a Kiwi entrepreneur who founded the company 47% of Australian businesses can’t do without.  Still can’t guess?  Ever heard of Xero?  Ahhh, now you’ve got it. 

Rod Drury

In 2011, Rod Drury founded Xero, a cloud-based accounting software company that is now a global leader in its industry. However, when he first launched the company, he faced significant obstacles in convincing investors to support his vision.  At the time, the cloud-based software model was still relatively new, and many investors were skeptical about its potential. Furthermore, Xero was based in New Zealand, which was not considered a major hub for technology startups.  Despite these challenges, Drury was determined to make Xero a success. He knew that he needed to get in front of the right investors to secure the funding he needed to grow the company.

To make this happen, Drury took an unconventional approach. He decided to move himself and his family to Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the tech industry, for several months. While there, he immersed himself in the local startup scene, attending networking events and meeting with potential investors.  Drury’s dedication and persistence paid off. By the end of his time in Silicon Valley, he had secured several million dollars in funding for Xero. This allowed him to continue building the company and expanding its reach.

Drury’s willingness to take bold steps to achieve his goals is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. By moving himself and his family to the heart of the tech industry, he was able to make important connections and secure the funding he needed to turn Xero into the global success it is today.

One of the challenges that people with the Activator theme may face is impatience. They may become frustrated with others who are not as quick to take action as they are, or they may struggle to slow down and consider all the options before making a decision. It is important for individuals with the Activator theme to learn to balance their eagerness with the need to plan and consider all possible outcomes.

If you have the Activator theme, there are several ways you can leverage your strengths to achieve success. For example, you may want to consider careers that allow you to take charge and lead others, such as entrepreneurship, project management, or sales. You can also use your strengths to motivate and inspire others, whether it’s in a leadership role or simply by being a positive influence on those around you.  Or you could come work with me. 😉

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