World Wisdom: Austria, Azerbaijan, the Bahamas

The Republic of Austria Genius unrefined resembles a flash of lightning, but wisdom is like the sun. Franz Grillparzer Azerbaijani Republic Ağıllı düşmən nadan dostdan yaxşıdır Literal translation: Wise enemy is better than a foolish friend Meaning: Foolish friends are more dangerous than an enemy who is intelligent. Commonwealth of The Bahamas Clean you door […]

Out of the Fire comes Gold. Part 1

In a quiet corner of a bustling town, there lived a wise old goldsmith known far and wide for her exceptional skill and profound wisdom. People often wondered how she had attained such wisdom, and she would always tell them a tale. She spoke of a time when she was just a young apprentice, eager […]

World Wisdom: Argentina, Armenia and Australia

ARGENTINA En la vida se necesita tener tres cosas.  La humilidad de no sentirse superior a ninguno.  El coraje a afrontar cualqier situación.  La sabiduría de callar delante a la estupidez de ciertas personas. In life you need to have three things. The humility of not feeling superior to anyone. The courage to face any […]

Fostering Wisdom Across Generations: The Transformative Power of Mentorship

In the timeless epic “The Odyssey,” the character Mentor plays a pivotal role as a trusted guide and mentor. When Odysseus embarks on his journey, Mentor is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing his household. Yet, it is when Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, sets out on his quest to find his father that Mentor’s significance truly […]

What do you need to be wise?

In our quest to understand and measure wisdom, we’ve come a long way since the 1950s.  Scientists have strived to empirically capture this elusive concept, and today, we have several “wisdom scales” recognised for their reliability and consistency in assessing wisdom.  But what exactly are these scales measuring? Thankfully, the diligent work of neurologist Dr […]

A year of coaching with Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy

I’ve recently reached a significant milestone in my journey – a year of coaching with Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy. I believe it’s useful to share this experience with you. First and foremost, I can’t speak highly enough of Trav as a coach. If you’re in the coaching, speaking, or writing world and seeking […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria

AFGHANISTAN کوم کار چې په عقل کېږی په زور نهٔ کېږی A task done by wisdom can’t be done by force. Pashto proverb © 2022 Sampson, Robert ALBANIA Bravery after the war and wisdom after the assembly are not even good enough for dogs to eat. ALGERIA Since we didn’t say anything, they thought they […]

Got Wisdom?

Wisdom has often lingered on the periphery of my thoughts, occasionally surfacing through the verses of Proverbs we learnt as children.  My comfort zone rests in the realm of knowledge acquisition, a realm where I derive immense pleasure, driven by the strengths of Input and Learner (Gallup CliftonStrengths) that reside within me. However, when pondering […]

Emotions and what they mean for you.

Congratulations to me!  I’m now the proud co-owner of a tween.  My happy, well-adjusted child has begun to be a little stormy around the edges of late, a little more “up and down.” This surprised me, even though I knew it shouldn’t have.  The emotions, the tears. My instant response to tears is, “Don’t cry”, […]


200 times!  200 x 20 minutes = nearly 67 hours.  This is the amount of time that Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor practiced her TED Talk, My Stroke of Insight, where she tells the story of her experience with having a stroke.  I recommend it, Dr Jill is compelling.  Was she a natural speaker?  I have spent […]