Would you like to experience higher levels of well-being in later life?    Many of us are considering our “future selves”, making wise investments and pouring over the options to maximise our wealth.  Many of us are doing things to ensure optimal health continues into our old age.  Many of us are investing in our […]

World Wisdom: Andorra, Angola and Antigua & Barbuda

Principality of Andorra Wisdom goes not always by years. Source: https://proverbicals.com/andorran-proverbs Republic of Angola Ilongo ikukuata; kaiole.  Maka akukute: kaol. Literal Translation: Problems dry not rot. (Unresolved issues remain) Meaning: We should not run away from problems or delay its resolution while today has the best solution. Source: http://angolarising.blogspot.com/2010/01/ Antigua and Barbuda Pickney who na hear wa […]

Unlocking Your Wisdom Potential: The Power of the SD-WISE-7 Scale

Did you get a moment to measure your wisdom using the Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale that I introduced you to yesterday?  If you’ve tried it, kudos to you! How did you go?  Want to try another? In the pursuit of creating a super-short wisdom measure, Dr. Dilip Jeste, along with Dr. Michael Thomas and their dedicated […]

Am I wise?  Are you?  Let’s find out

On this journey of seeking wisdom and hoping to nurture it within ourselves, I’ve discovered various groups of researchers who are diligently working on creating what they call “wisdom scales.” In my previous post, I delved into the common elements that these scales tend to measure. One particular scale piqued my interest – the “Three-Dimensional […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria

AFGHANISTAN کوم کار چې په عقل کېږی په زور نهٔ کېږی A task done by wisdom can’t be done by force. Pashto proverb © 2022 Sampson, Robert ALBANIA Bravery after the war and wisdom after the assembly are not even good enough for dogs to eat. ALGERIA Since we didn’t say anything, they thought they […]

Emotions and what they mean for you.

Congratulations to me!  I’m now the proud co-owner of a tween.  My happy, well-adjusted child has begun to be a little stormy around the edges of late, a little more “up and down.” This surprised me, even though I knew it shouldn’t have.  The emotions, the tears. My instant response to tears is, “Don’t cry”, […]

The Shoes of a Champion

This is the story of one of my favourite young women.  Joy is her name.  Joy by name, Joy by nature.  She is my niece, we are all better for having her in our family.   Joy is strong, and she does everything with joyous abandon.  She recently started Olympic weightlifting again after a few years […]


200 times!  200 x 20 minutes = nearly 67 hours.  This is the amount of time that Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor practiced her TED Talk, My Stroke of Insight, where she tells the story of her experience with having a stroke.  I recommend it, Dr Jill is compelling.  Was she a natural speaker?  I have spent […]

I miss my walking Moai!

No, it’s not one of THOSE Moai!  Let’s leave the Moai of Easter Island in peace and travel west because I’m talking about the Moai of the Okinawans.  The Okinawans are one of the “Blue Zone” peoples, those who have high levels of people living quality lives into their 80s, 90s and even 100s.  One […]

Caught in Character

I eagerly watched the screen for my daughter’s photo to discover why she had been “Caught in Character”.    All week the teachers observe the children’s behaviour and if they see a child behaving in a way consistent with the ARISE values the school promotes, the child is photographed and celebrated for their good behaviour in […]