What are your Top 5?

Everytime I open up someone’s CliftonStrengths Assessment, I feel like it is Christmas! (Is that my Individualisation strength talking?!)  I get excited to see what are their top 5 talents that we can turn into mighty strengths!  CliftonStrengths, previously known as StrengthsFinder, is an assessment tool developed by the Gallup Organization that helps you identify […]

Taking a CliftonStrengths assessment

Hello everyone! I took the CliftonStrengths assessment in 2008, it was an eye opener for me.  Lots of “Ohhhh that’s why I do that!” and “That’s why I don’t do too much of that!”. I believe it is so life-giving and life-changing that I wanted to share my experience with you. CliftonStrengths is a tool […]