Listening, the miraculous superpower

The importance of listening in relationships

Have you ever said the words, “Listen to me”?  Or maybe even shouted them? It unfolded on an ordinary day, where my other job as “Mum’s Taxi” had me shuttling my kids home from basketball practice.  The younger one filled the car with her animated conversations.  In my mind, I was engrossed in conceptualising a […]

World Wisdom: Austria, Azerbaijan, the Bahamas

The Republic of Austria Genius unrefined resembles a flash of lightning, but wisdom is like the sun. Franz Grillparzer Azerbaijani Republic Ağıllı düşmən nadan dostdan yaxşıdır Literal translation: Wise enemy is better than a foolish friend Meaning: Foolish friends are more dangerous than an enemy who is intelligent. Commonwealth of The Bahamas Clean you door […]

Out of the Fire comes Gold. Part 1

In a quiet corner of a bustling town, there lived a wise old goldsmith known far and wide for her exceptional skill and profound wisdom. People often wondered how she had attained such wisdom, and she would always tell them a tale. She spoke of a time when she was just a young apprentice, eager […]

World Wisdom: Argentina, Armenia and Australia

ARGENTINA En la vida se necesita tener tres cosas.  La humilidad de no sentirse superior a ninguno.  El coraje a afrontar cualqier situación.  La sabiduría de callar delante a la estupidez de ciertas personas. In life you need to have three things. The humility of not feeling superior to anyone. The courage to face any […]


Would you like to experience higher levels of well-being in later life?    Many of us are considering our “future selves”, making wise investments and pouring over the options to maximise our wealth.  Many of us are doing things to ensure optimal health continues into our old age.  Many of us are investing in our […]

Fostering Wisdom Across Generations: The Transformative Power of Mentorship

In the timeless epic “The Odyssey,” the character Mentor plays a pivotal role as a trusted guide and mentor. When Odysseus embarks on his journey, Mentor is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing his household. Yet, it is when Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, sets out on his quest to find his father that Mentor’s significance truly […]

World Wisdom: Andorra, Angola and Antigua & Barbuda

Principality of Andorra Wisdom goes not always by years. Source: Republic of Angola Ilongo ikukuata; kaiole.  Maka akukute: kaol. Literal Translation: Problems dry not rot. (Unresolved issues remain) Meaning: We should not run away from problems or delay its resolution while today has the best solution. Source: Antigua and Barbuda Pickney who na hear wa […]

Unlocking Your Wisdom Potential: The Power of the SD-WISE-7 Scale

Did you get a moment to measure your wisdom using the Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale that I introduced you to yesterday?  If you’ve tried it, kudos to you! How did you go?  Want to try another? In the pursuit of creating a super-short wisdom measure, Dr. Dilip Jeste, along with Dr. Michael Thomas and their dedicated […]

Am I wise?  Are you?  Let’s find out

On this journey of seeking wisdom and hoping to nurture it within ourselves, I’ve discovered various groups of researchers who are diligently working on creating what they call “wisdom scales.” In my previous post, I delved into the common elements that these scales tend to measure. One particular scale piqued my interest – the “Three-Dimensional […]

What do you need to be wise?

In our quest to understand and measure wisdom, we’ve come a long way since the 1950s.  Scientists have strived to empirically capture this elusive concept, and today, we have several “wisdom scales” recognised for their reliability and consistency in assessing wisdom.  But what exactly are these scales measuring? Thankfully, the diligent work of neurologist Dr […]