Arranger: General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK CVO MC

In 1999, the tensions in Timor Leste captured my attention, perhaps because it was so close to home.  It fundamentally disturbed me.  The chaos caused for the people and the loss of life over resources was irreconcilable.  His leadership in bringing order into this chaos made me first aware of General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove.  As a highly respected military leader and the 26th Governor-General of Australia from 2014 to 2019, Sir Peter Cosgrove has demonstrated exceptional organisational skills and a calm demeanour inherent of the Arranger strength in challenging situations.

During his military career, Sir Peter Cosgrove held various leadership positions, including Chief of the Australian Defence Force.  He is renowned for strategising, coordinating operations, and maintaining discipline within the military ranks, even in high-pressure and chaotic environments.  During his tenure as the Commander of the International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) in 1999, Sir Peter played a crucial role in restoring order and stability to the war-torn region.

When Sir Peter and his troops arrived in East Timor, they faced a deeply divided and volatile environment following the independence referendum.  The situation was marked by widespread violence, looting, and civil unrest.  As the leader of the multinational force, Sir Peter had the daunting task of restoring peace and security to the troubled nation.

One day, while patrolling the streets of Dili, Sir Peter Cosgrove encountered a large group of locals engaged in intense fighting.  Realising that the situation could escalate further and jeopardise the mission’s objectives, Sir Peter Cosgrove took immediate action.

Without hesitation, he approached the group and managed to diffuse the tensions with his commanding presence and calming demeanour.  He engaged with the community members, listening to their concerns and grievances.  Sir Peter Cosgrove restored a sense of order through effective communication and empathetic leadership.  He brought about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

This anecdote highlights Sir Peter Cosgrove’s exceptional ability to bring order out of chaos by leveraging his leadership skills and ability to connect with people in challenging circumstances.  His decisive actions and commitment to restoring peace in East Timor played a significant role in stabilising the region and facilitating the transition to independence.

Throughout his career, Sir Peter Cosgrove has been recognised for his leadership qualities, including his ability to bring order and structure to challenging circumstances.  His unwavering commitment to serving his country and demonstrated competence in managing chaos make him a notable example of the Arranger strength.

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