Are you one of the 85% or the 15%?

I don’t know about you, but I HATE annual performance reviews.  I hate being subjected to them and I hate subjecting others to them.  Guess what?  You and I are not alone.  According to Gallup, there’s no evidence that massive employee evaluation and rating processes actually work. And that’s just the beginning of the global employee disengagement crisis. 

85% of us are NOT engaged at world, reporting having jobs with no meaning….and in this new working world, equates to, “My life has no meaning”. 

It’s not just Gallup sounding the alarm about the state of the global workplace. Experts like Jeffery Pfeffer (Dying for a Paycheck), Raj Sisodia (Firms of Endearment, Conscious Capitalism), Ramon Mendiola and more have also recognized the problems that have led to an all-time low level of employee engagement. That’s why we here at The Strengths Finder have adopted the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and set a goal to become B-Corp accredited, so we can be accountable as managers of people and help our colleagues thrive.  That’s why we’re committed to the Gallup CliftonStrengths both for ourselves and for you.

People all over the world prioritize having a good job even higher than family, children, owning a home, and peace. But what makes a job awesome? Based on surveys of workers worldwide, an awesome job means having good relationships with colleagues and superiors, opportunities to do what you do best, learning and development opportunities, a great work-life balance, and job security and stability. The best part? When workers have these five things, they are more engaged, committed, and have higher overall well-being.

Nowadays, it is recognized that there is just one “lever” that can create the change needed in the workplace. Stay tuned for The Strengths Finder’s next blog post to learn what that one thing is.

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