I will guide you on your personal journey of self-discovery and growth.

I will help you navigate your unique path achieving success, well-being and fulfillment.

In my coaching, I aspire to embody the skills and wisdom of the ancient Wayfinders:

  1. Empowering the potential in others effectively.
  2. Demonstrating acute discernment.
  3. Remaining responsive to subtle shifts and nuances.
  4. Cultivating integrative thinking and perceptiveness, which entails recognizing connections between elements that elude others and simplifying complexity.
  5. Adapting seamlessly to change.
  6. Mastering the art of harnessing the potential of uncertainty, ambiguity, and the unknown.
  7. Experiencing heightened serenity, presence, and composure, especially in the face of adversity.

 (from Chellie Spiller, Calling the Island to You)

My life’s journey, like that of a Wayfinder, has taught me to nurture these qualities both in myself and in others. I’ve faced significant challenges, am navigating the complexities of parenthood, led teams through turbulent times, pursued personal goals, and celebrated life’s diversity.

As a Wayfinder, I’ve drawn upon my strengths of Connectedness and Individualization. I see the unity in all things while appreciating each individual’s uniqueness. With my Maximizer strength, I empower and optimize innate abilities, and my Relator strength helps me build lasting connections.

My education includes a Bachelor of Science (with Honors), a Ph.D., and a Master’s degree in International and Community Development. I am an accredited Partnership Broker and a Gallup Global CliftonStrengths coach. My thirst for knowledge, driven by my Learner and Input strengths, is always focused on personal growth.



A thriving world where people live from their strengths


There a 8+ billion people in this world, they all have powerful and beautiful combinations of strengths.  Our mission is to support individuals to live from their strengths and to enrich the performance of the teams and organisations they belong to through exceptional strengths-based coaching.  We will do this by elevating joy and alleviating suffering.