A year of coaching with Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy

I’ve recently reached a significant milestone in my journey – a year of coaching with Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy. I believe it’s useful to share this experience with you.

First and foremost, I can’t speak highly enough of Trav as a coach. If you’re in the coaching, speaking, or writing world and seeking guidance, Trav can add immense value to your journey.

My husband and I first encountered Trav at a Massive Action Day hosted by the Entrepreneurial Business School. If you haven’t heard him, I’d encourage you to check out his TEDx talk here, it will challenge you at a very deep level.  In that moment, my husband and I exchanged knowing glances, and my husband Moni remarked, “I believe this guy will play a significant role in our future.”

We were determined to have Trav as our coach, and we met the requirements he set forth. It felt like destiny. Initially, Trav guided us in shaping our business, inorda. What stood out was his refusal to allow us to remain in a rut that no longer served us. He encouraged us to view things from fresh perspectives.

For years, I had harboured a dream (since 2008!) – to become a Gallup Global CliftonStrengths Coach. I had shared this ambition with about two people. My introduction to CliftonStrengths occurred in Papua New Guinea, where I employed it for personal growth and with the teams I led. I witnessed the transformative power of the system, but the right moment to seek certification and launch my own practice never seemed to materialize. Somehow, Trav unearthed this dream and set me on a path to turn it into reality. He motivated me to pursue something that resonated deeply with my heart, fulfilling my desire to bring value to others’ lives, their teams, and ultimately, the impact they have on the world.  Guess what?   I LOVE doing it!

Our Wednesday sessions with the man in the hoodie and the twinkle in his eye became something to look forward to. Trav possesses a remarkable kindness – not the soppy kind, but the kind that says, “I see you, I understand your struggles, and I’ll consider that, but I won’t let you off the hook.” At some point in his life I suspect he has endured suffering and he carries a compassion that bears witness to it – precisely what I have needed.

Throughout our journey, we laughed, I cried, and at times, I admit, I became more than a little annoyed. None of us like being called out for our excuses, but Trav does so consistently, and his coach’s intuition is uncanny. The “bait and switch” tactic doesn’t work with him. He pushed me to improve various aspects of my life, including time management, social media consistency, writing, and marketing. (He even tries to wrap his head around being a Mum and starting/running a business, which is cool.  The offer still stands, Trav, to come and try it out for a week.😁)  Trav has taught me to examine the numbers without being disheartened by them, reminding me to “stay consistent.” 

Trav’s thoughts are guided by integrity and humility, making intellectual exchanges with him a sheer joy. His Gallup CliftonStrengths are very different from mine, enriching our thinking and conversations. Despite being ahead in his journey, he has never made us feel inferior. He was quick to share anything new he learnt and wanted to hear how we’d applied it and what we thought…mutual development. 

Trav’s coaching has been transformative, a blend of compassion and firm guidance, ensuring we evolve and become the best versions of ourselves and create thriving businesses that impact our world and its people for good. If you’re seeking a coach who sees your potential, challenges your limits, and supports your growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Trav Bell.

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