295,232,799,039,604,140,847,618,609,643,520,000,000 ways…which one are YOU?

The importance of listening in relationships

I was curious.  I wanted to know how may different ways 34 CliftonStrengths could be combined to make up people’s profiles.  My Maths brain was too creaky and not firing, so with a roll of the eyes, my primary schooler reminded, “Factorials, Mum”.  “Aaaahhh”, I said.  This is the number we got….

Far out!  That’s a whole lot more CliftonStrengths profiles than there is people on the planet!

Want some more mind-blowing numbers?

With CliftonStrengths the chance of someone having the same top 5 strengths as you is 

Having those 5 strengths in the same order as you is 1 in 33,000,000 (33 million!).

Do you feel special?

Do you want to know how you are special?

Would you like to develop those strengths into super powers?

I’d love to show you!

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