The Wayfinder's Journey

Investing in your natural talents unlocks your greatest potential.

You are one in 

My purpose is to be your Wayfinder, guiding you to uncover your strengths, articulate your values, and align your purpose with them.

Together, we will reveal the awe and wonder that comes from living from your strengths.

“To avoid your strengths and to focus on your weaknesses isn’t a sign of diligent humility. It is almost irresponsible. By contrast the most responsible, the most challenging, and, in the sense of being true to yourself, the most honourable thing to do is face up to the strength potential inherent in your talents and then find ways to realize it.”

Donald O. Clifton

Pricing Policy - don't let financial challenges hold you back

I believe that if someone is motivated to receive coaching, price should not be a barrier. In order to provide financial accessibility to my coaching and honour my commitment to the Conscious Capitalist Credo, I  use a sliding scale model. Please thoughtfully consider your budget and how you can help keep prices fair for everyone in the Wayfinder community.

I believe that you will respect and honour the experience, labour and knowledge that have gone into creating my offerings and commit to paying an appropriate range.

I recognise that you may be facing additional financial challenges for many reasons. I’ve been there, so I understand the desire to be coached. I was also provided coaching from someone for very reduced prices, which was exactly what I needed. Coaching just may be a part of your accessing financial freedom. If that is the case, please feel free to contact me using the Contact form.and e can discuss options.